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Akshar Biovedic is a leading soap manufacturer in Surat, Gujarat, India. Since its inception, the company has acquired a prominent position in the industry. With years of experience in the soap manufacturing industry, we produce high quality herbal soaps, toilet soaps, fancy soaps, liquid soap, shampoo, hand wash, sanitizer and others.

As we make use of the latest technologies for manufacturing soaps, we are a trusted choice of several dealers, suppliers, and customers all over the world. You can be assured of top quality soaps that reflect hygiene. We have the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that help us produce quality yet affordable soaps of different types for various purposes. Our dedicated R&D department keeps an eye on the latest industry and market trends to deliver the best soaps to our clients. Our company uses fully-automated machines and equipments for soap manufacturing in India.

Our expert team is known for delivering exceptional customer service to the clients. Due to the increasing demand of soaps all over India, we are focusing on manufacturing high quality soaps and toilet products. We are known for manufacturing products that perform better than the other brands available in the market. We can customize the soaps according to the clients’ requirements if they provide bulk orders. Get in touch with us to know more about our products.

Our VisionVision

Our vision is to be the largest exporter of the cosmetic sector in India. We continue to produce top-notch quality and eco-friendly products with a purpose. We pride ourselves in the products which we manufacture and will not sell a product until and unless it is up to our standard. Whenever it comes to the performance of our products, we are a perfectionist in the industry. We craft each of our products with purpose. When we make our soaps and cosmetics, we must continue to deliver quality in every single product.

Our bar soaps and cosmetic products reflect what is important to us i.e., our mother nature. We are on a goal to give back to nature what we take. To ensure this, we stick to using natural ingredients while manufacturing our products. Our soaps and cosmetic continue to be 100% organic and environmentally friendly – no harm to the environment or ecosystems. We refrain from using any stripping agents, fillers, or drying detergents. Instead, we just focus on plant-based ingredients which help us to sell soaps that trigger your moods and influence emotions.

Akshar Biovedic strives for a solution to a problem. We choose our ingredients very carefully which is not only good for the environment but good for your skin as well. Natural ingredients tend to have healing properties. We always select every ingredient with a purpose in mind.

Our MissionMission

We are on a mission to deliver pure and natural products to the people of our country which contribute to their happiness and well-being. Our mission is to create the highest quality, healthiest, and most accessible soaps and cosmetic products for you. We always tend to effectively meet the specific needs of the future for people as well as the earth, today, by making use of pure and organic ingredients with time-tested manufacturing processes.

15,000 Sq. Ft

Production Area

8,000 KGs/Day

Production Capacity


Bottle Filling Capacity


Tube Filling Capacity


  • GMP certified
  • Fully-automatic Manufacturing Vessels
  • Highly qualified manufacturing chemists
  • Cold-press Oil Machines
  • Steam Distillation Machines
  • In-house DM Water Plant

A Nature’s Touch100% Original & Herbal

100% Natural, Organic handmade soaps with luxury freshness. We sell soaps that influence your emotions and trigger moods. Skin-healthy and nourishing herbal soaps to protect your skin and mind.

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