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AksharBiovedic is a top and reputed soap manufacturer in Surat, Gujarat, India. From the time of our inception till now, we have acquired a prominent position in the industry. What sets us apart from our competitors is our outstanding and natural products along with our affordable pricing. At AksharBiovedic, we are inclined towards manufacturing high-quality pure and 100% organic soaps and cosmetics products. With several years of experience in the soap manufacturing field, we focus on producing many types of soaps including liquid soap, fancy soap, herbal soaps, luxury soaps, etc. Not only soaps, but we are also involved in manufacturing certain other products as well such as sanitizer, hand wash, shampoo, and others.

We make use of the most updated technologies for manufacturing soaps which contributes to making us a trusted choice of a vast majority of the suppliers, dealers, and customers all over the globe. We are continuously serving the market since the year 2009. With over 13 years of experience in this field, we are always ready to fulfill the unique demands and dreams of our clients. Throughout the years, we have successfully served a lot of clients and helped to effectively transform their dream into reality. There are enough reasons to choose AksharBiovedic over others in the market which includes extract base formulation, research-based products, etc. Additionally, you are getting all types of solutions under one roof which helps us to make the most sought. We can easily transport our products to anywhere where our clients demand as our well-planned production unit is located in the city of Surat and it is connected to the NH8. Our company has a 15000sq.ft. land area and 10000 sq.ft.RCC factory building. We again are having state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which help us to manufacture quality yet affordable soaps of various types meant for distinct purposes. Our dedicated research and development department always sticks to the latest market trends to offer top-notch products to our clients. Our products are known to perform better than the other brands that are available in the market. In the case of bulk orders, we can even customize the products as per the requirements of our clients. Trust us, you would never regret partnering with our company.

whyClients Trust Akshar Biovedic
100% Natural productsResearch & Development

Research & Development Center lays down the foundation of every successful business. Our research & development department has been the backbone of our superior craft that keeps us binding with our valuable partners. We research, develop & rediscover by producing the most competent and reliable beauty, skin & hair care products for our renowned partners

Skillful Team MembersSkilled Workforce

To become your ideal private labeling partner, we have hired highly-skilled, qualified & experienced workforce so as to meet your business needs adroitly and within the stipulated time frame. Our workers are efficiently trained by professionals & are proficient of crafting the premium products that will add value to the skin of your end-users.

High QualityHigh Standards

We always utilize high-quality raw materials from reputable suppliers. All raw materials are sampled, tested, and authorized according to the standard protocols. Our QA/QC department adhere to the best quality control and product testing procedures. Professional experts manage and control each stage of the product’s manufacturing and processing.

Featured OnesOur Products

Integrity, quality, and teamwork are included in the core values of AksharBiovedic. We always hold fast to these specific values no matter the impact on the growth of the company. Building on these core values, we strictly abide by the below-mentioned principles:

  • Offers best value products which the majority of the people can afford
  • Manufacture all of our products by making use of the Good Manufacturing Standards
  • Produce only the highest quality, healthiest, and most accessible products for human use using natural and organic ingredients and processes
  • Contribute to a sustainable and secure world by strictly abiding by our principles
  • Offer respectful, prompt, consistent, and friendly service to everyone we interact with
  • Cultivate a lively and healthy workplace that is inclusive and where every employee are heard, valued, and invested in


Integrity means that we are honest and truthful in our work. We are involved in doing the right thing whenever we come across any touch situation. Even in the face of adversity, we intend to stand strong. We are always committed to our values and we are involved in protecting the culture of our company through our commitment to process integrity, particularly at an organizational level. We also carry out our every action with honesty and foster trustworthiness among each other and with our clients.


At AksharBiovedic, we take the pride in offering high-value products which ultimately ensure profitability, customer satisfaction, and the future of our employees along with our growth.


Our core values and policies are aimed towards creating a stimulating and informal team-oriented work environment with a culture of sharing as well as open communication. We always appreciate the diversity of viewpoints and believe that it is this attitude that plays a major role in developing character and promotes innovation. We believe all of your employees have the right to enjoy an injury and stress-free work environment.

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